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Crime Scene Technician

Lauderhill Police Department, Lauderhill, Florida

Salary: $38,544.00 - $55,888.00 Annually

Final Filing Date: Continuous

Under general supervision, the purpose of the position is to the technical investigation of a crime scene and the continued processing of evidence to assist police in their effort to solve crimes. Employees in this classification perform skilled, technical work. Position is responsible for the collection and processing of evidence at the crime scene.

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  • Performs the location and recovery of evidence from a crime scene; the location of latent prints, recovery of tire, sole, and toolmark impressions, determination of point of origin and sequence of projectiles strikes through all materials, location and enhancement of blood evidence, and the recovery of all forms of physical and trace evidence.
  • Secures the crime scene and the evidence within.
  • Documents crime scenes and items of evidence by hand written notes, photographically and by videotape.
  • Surveys crime scenes and identifies the location of items of evidence utilizing distance and angle measuring equipment and creates sketches and diagrams from data recovered.
  • Processes crime scenes and persons for latent print evidence.
  • Conducts shooting incident reconstructions.
  • Recovers and packages items of evidentiary value from crime scenes, victims, witnesses, and suspects in a professional and legal manner while maintaining proper chain-of-custody.
  • Performs advanced processing of items of evidence such as recovery of samples of biological material suitable for DNA analysis, processing of items of evidence for latent prints, and photography of evidence items utilizing scientific and technical equipment such as forensic light sources, chemical solutions and advanced photographic techniques.
  • Submits evidence to forensic laboratories via the property and evidence section.
  • Acts as a liaison with other agencies such as forensic laboratories.
  • Completes reports and documents relating to the technical investigation of crime scenes.
  • Testifies in court proceedings on issues relating to the technical investigation of crime scene.


Minimum Training and Experience
  • Associates Degree in Crime Scene Technology or related field, supplemented by a minimum one (1) year previous experience in the field; or a Bachelor's Degree or Master's degree in Crime Scene Technology or related field, supplemented by six (6) months experience in the field; or an equivalent combination of education, training, and experience may be considered.
Special Requirements:
  • Valid Florida Driver's License
Candidates must provide proof of having successfully completed specialized training, in the following areas:
  • Crime Scene Processing
  • Fingerprint Identification and Processing
  • Crime Scene Photography

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Posted: August 1, 2018

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