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DNA Analyst

Colorado Springs Police Department, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Salary: $5,459.00 - $7,648.00 Monthly

Final Filing Date: June 10, 2018

The hiring salary for this position is between $5,459 and $6,554 per month.

This is an excellent opportunity for a talented DNA Analyst to conduct forensic examinations of evidence submitted to the Metro Crime Lab for the purposes of identifying, collecting, and preserving samples using Forensic Serological testing methods.

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  • Perform serological testing and analyze body fluid stains and samples on a variety of evidence types related to various criminal cases
  • Perform forensic DNA analysis from DNA extraction, quantification, and PCR setup, through analysis using specialized analytical instrumentation to develop DNA profiles
  • Interpret analytical results of DNA testing through use of genetic typing software
  • Conduct technical review of serological and DNA analysis done by other employees
  • Prepare written reports summarizing results of testing and analysis
  • Provide expert testimony in federal, state, and local court proceedings on actual results of serology and DNA testing conducted


We are looking for candidates who demonstrate:
  • Knowledge of evidence handling and processing regulations, standards, and policies
  • Knowledge of scientific principles and methods used in serological and DNA analysis
  • Familiarity with ISO lab accreditation standards
  • Ability to effectively communicate results of testing and analysis to investigators, attorneys, judges, and juries in written and verbal form
Successful candidate will have:
  • Bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university with coursework in biology, chemistry, forensic science, or a related field, including coursework in the areas of biochemistry, genetics, molecular biology, statistics and/or population genetics, or other subjects that provide a basic knowledge of the foundation of forensic DNA analysis
  • Three years of experience in a laboratory performing serological testing/screening and STR forensic DNA testing for the identification and evaluation of biological evidence in criminal matters, including the successful analysis of a range of samples typically encountered in forensic casework
Ideal candidates will also demonstrate:
  • Graduate degree in related field
  • Demonstrated knowledge of and adherence to necessary DNA discipline specific requirements (continuing education, proficiency testing, etc.) for ISO/IEC 17025 and CODIS/NDIS participation requirements
  • Three or more years of case experience in an accredited DNA laboratory performing serological examination and DNA analysis
  • Experience with Organic, Chelex, and Robotic extraction methods, ABI 3130 Genetic Analyzer, ABI 7500 RT PCR instrument (QuantiFiler Duo or Trio), IdentiFiler, IdentiFiler Plus, MiniFiler, and/or GlobalFiler amplification systems, GeneMapper ID-X software and STRMix or other probabilistic genotyping analysis software
  • Experience validating serological test methods, DNA instrumentation, software, and extraction protocols, CODIS entry, and use of PopStats
  • Experience as a CODIS Administrator or backup CODIS Administrator
  • Experience utilizing JusticeTrax LIMS during case work, and statistics/metrics customization of turnaround times, etc.
  • Experience with courtroom testimony
Additional Information
  • Environmental Conditions - Work is performed in an office or laboratory setting and includes working with biohazardous materials, mildly toxic or corrosive chemicals, and instrumentation carrying high voltages.
  • The job offer will be contingent upon successful completion of a polygraph examination, extensive background check, and other pre-employment assessments.

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Posted: May 11, 2018

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