Employment Opportunity

Crime Scene Technician Trainee

Louisville Metro Police, Louisville, Kentucky

Salary: $17.09 Hourly

Final Filing Date: March 9, 2018

Learns the techniques, procedures, tools, equipment and materials used in the collection, preservation, processing and presentation of physical evidence.

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  • Transports evidence to and from laboratories
  • Places evidence in property room
  • Assigns evidence an exhibit number and ETU case file number
  • Learns to testify in court
  • Assists in collecting, preserving and processing physical evidence
  • Assists in processing and developing latent fingerprints from living and deceased individuals
  • Assists in photographing physical evidence and the crime scene
  • Assists in performing field tests on chemicals, body fluids and foreign substances found at crime scenes
  • Assists in preparing reports
  • Enters data and sends email via computer
  • Writes clear and concise reports and diagrams crime scenes
  • Attends autopsies for collection of evidence and to take photographs
  • Performs related work


Minimum Requirements
  • Associate's degree in Biology, Chemistry, Criminal Justice, Forensic Science, or a related field
  • High school diploma or the equivalent
  • Two years of experience processing crime scene evidence
  • Previous experience processing crime scene evidence
  • Bachelor's Degree in Biology, Chemistry, Criminal Justice, Forensic Science, or a related field
  • Must be of good moral character, with no criminal or felony record inconsistent with the provisions of this paragraph. Unacceptable will be persons who have been convicted of a felony, or who have any criminal action pending against them
  • An applicant may be disqualified for multiple misdemeanors, an unacceptable criminal record, or multiple traffic violations
  • Applicants who have bought or sold marijuana within three years of application, or have bought or sold any controlled substance or narcotic drug without a prescription within six years of application will be disqualified
  • Must submit to a pre-employment drug screening
  • Must submit to a pre-employment polygraph test
  • Must pass a medical examination
  • Must pass a pre-employment physical agility test
  • Must wear personal protective and safety equipment as mandated by OSHA
  • Must be vaccinated for hepatitis B, have provided evidence of immunity, or have signed a declination form within ten days of initial assignment
  • Must work a varied schedule
  • Must differentiate various colors of color coded buttons and lights
  • Must possess and maintain a valid driver's license
  • Meets regular and punctual attendance standards and any special needs of the position as determined by management, including mandatory overtime and performing related work
  • Lifts and carries items weighing up to 100 pounds in a team setting
  • Works at crime scene locations that may be limited or difficult to access
  • Climbs a ladder at least 6 feet tall
  • Drives a small truck/van
  • Handles loaded firearms
  • Operates manual and power tools

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Posted: March 1, 2018

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