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DNA Forensic Scientist

York County Sheriff's Department, York, South Carolina

Salary: $60,209.68 - $84,293.08 Annually

Final Filing Date: December 13, 2017

The purpose of this position is to identify biological fluids, DNA analysis, statistical analysis, related reporting, and testimony for items of evidence relating to criminal cases. This position does not supervise any employees.

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  • Examines items of evidence for the presence of biological materials and identifies body fluids using chemical and immunological procedures.
  • Performs DNA extraction, quantitation, amplification, and analysis using specialized molecular biology techniques and instrumentation.
  • Interprets DNA profiles, conducts statistical evaluations, and reports DNA analysis results, and determines eligibility of DNA profiles for CODIS entry.
  • Provides expert testimony in the area of body fluid identification and DNA analysis, interpretation, and statistical evaluation.
  • Reviews other's reports for technical and administrative completeness and correctness.
  • Provides instruction, advisement, and training to others in the area of biological fluid and and DNA evidence collection, preservation, and analysis.
  • Maintains proficiency for body fluid identification and DNA analysis in accordance with FBI quality assurance standards.
  • Maintains, calibrates, and troubleshoots problems with procedures and instrumentation.
  • Maintains general laboratory equipment and prepares the chemical reagents necessary for body fluid identification and DNA analysis.
  • This position requires independent, logistical, and critical cognative abilities to formulate a methodical approach to case examination. Case circumstances, the type of evidence submitted, and the desired information relating to the case require the examiner to independently evaluate the possibilities for the course of analysis as well as scientifically interpret the data and support interpretations with statistical evaluation. Additionally, the examiner is required by FBI quality assurance standards to participate in annual training/conferences as well as review scientific literature in order to keep abreast with advances in the areas of forensic biology and DNA analysis.


  • Bachelor's (or its equivalent) or an advanced degree in a biology, chemistry, or forensic science-related area and have successfully completed course work (graduate or undergraduate level) covering the following subject areas: biochemistry, genetics, molecular biology; and course work and/or training in statistics and/or population genetics as it applies to forensic DNA analysis. One year of forensic DNA experience preferred.
  • Must have a valid driver's license.
  • Specific university-level coursework required by FBI quality assurance standards in biochemistry, molecular biology, and genetics as well as training/coursework in statistics. Ability to follow procedures/protocols. General laboratory skills. Knowledge of industry-specific instrumentation and maintenance. Knowledge of general laboratory equipment and maintenance. Computer and general office skills. Critical thinking skills. Interpersonal, oral, and written communication skills. Ability to work methodically and independently.


  • Work requires advanced learning acquired by a prolonged course of specialized intellectual instruction; or work involves advising clients or assisting customers or clients with running their business.
  • Perform specialized technical work involving data collection, evaluation, analysis, and troubleshooting, or reports on operations and activities of a department, or performs general coordination of individual or departmental activities. Example: May use descriptive statistics, advanced geometry or algebra; requires the use of a wide range of administrative and/or technical methods in the solution of problems; perform master level trades duties.
  • Follow complex technical instructions, solve technical problems, or disseminate information regarding policies and procedures; may compose unique reports or analysis, or provide extensive customer service to internal or external clients.
  • Communicate information among co-workers, customers, vendors, and management; or speak before professional groups; may write complex articles and reports or develop presentations for specialized audiences; may read scientific or technical journals or reports.
  • Perform skilled work involving almost constant problem-solving. May be responsible for actions of others, requiring almost constant decisions affecting co-workers, clients or others in the general public.
  • Manages inventory, property, or loss control.
  • Use office machines such as copiers or calculators. Use computers for data entry; or handle hand-held power equipment or light machinery. Use computers for word processing, spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations or custom applications or operate large shop equipment. Use electronics or complex software, hardware, or network systems; operate heavy or complex machinery.


  • Requires work involving: standing, walking, gripping or feeling with hands, climbing or balancing, and stooping, kneeling, crouching, or crawling, tasting and smelling under 1/3 of the time; reaching with hands and arms, sitting 1/3 to 2/3 of the time; talking or hearing over 2/3 of the time; and lifting up to 25 pounds under 1/3 of the time.
  • Close vision (clear vision at 20 inches or less), Color vision (ability to identify and distinguish colors), Depth perception (three-dimensional vision, ability to judge distances and spatial relationships), Ability to adjust focus (ability to adjust the eye to bring an object into sharp focus).
  • The job may risk exposure to indoor environment, outdoor environment, noise, extreme temperatures, vibration, moisture and/or humidity, dust, fumes, gases, poor ventilation, electrical hazards, mechanical hazards, chemical hazards, explosive hazards, burn hazards. High potential for exposure to bloodborne pathogens. Increased risk for chemical, biological, and radiological, exposures.

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Posted: December 4, 2017

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