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Latent Print Examiner

Manatee County Sheriff's Office, Bradenton, Florida

Salary: $45,697.60 - $68,536.00 Annually

Final Filing Date: November 27, 2017

Evaluates the quality of latent prints to determine sufficient value for identification and to conduct search in Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS). Enters and verifies latent prints in AFIS. Compares, establishes, verifies, or excludes identifications by examining the ridge detail present in the latent prints(s) and compares identifications to the ridge detail present in the known print. Testifies as an expert witness in court regarding all aspects of latent print methodology and identification. Obtains major case prints of individuals, including deceased bodies, and transfers the ridge detail to standard fingerprint cards. Prepares and submits logs and reports of findings and workflow.

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  • Receives, opens, and examines all latent print evidence collected by Manatee County Sheriff's Office personnel as well as other law enforcement agencies operating within Manatee County to determine print value for comparative analysis and usability for identification.
  • Assigns codes; captures images; marks, prioritizes, and enters latent prints into Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS).
  • Compares prints utilizing devices such as magnifying glasses, computer, and photographic equipment.
  • Establishes, verifies, or excludes identifications by examining the ridge detail present in the latent print(s) and compares identifications to the ridge detail present in the known print.
  • Identifies relevant facts in a situation, arrives at one or more viable solutions and recommends a course of action in a timely manner.
  • Testifies as an expert witness in court regarding all aspects of latent print methodology and identification; prepares court exhibits; maintains chain-of-custody for latent and known prints.
  • On occasion, obtains major case prints of individuals, including suspects and deceased bodies, for comparison of latent prints from crime scene and transfers the ridge detail to standard fingerprint cards.
  • Provides information to interdepartmental representatives, local and state law enforcement agencies. Writes reports to illustrate conclusions reached in comparison process.
  • Assists Crime Scene Technicians in determining whether questionable or borderline prints are of value.
  • Successfully completes all assignments to specifications, within specified timeframe and budget as directed and in accordance with agency policies.
  • Maintains records, libraries, and office files.
  • Performs other related duties as assigned.


Minimum Qualifications
  • Associate's degree from an accredited college in Criminal Justice or related field and two (2) years' latent fingerprint identification experience.
  • One (1) year of AFIS experience desired.
  • Must obtain International Association of Identification certification within two (2) years of appointment.
  • Valid Florida driver license required.
Knowledge Skills and Abilities
  • Ability to accurately enter and/or retrieve information from various computer systems and/or programs in a timely manner.
  • Ability to exercise good judgment in safeguarding confidential or sensitive information.
  • Ability to concisely and accurately identify and compare prints, including old or fragmented prints.
  • Ability to independently collect, organize and analyze data and to develop logical conclusions.
  • Ability to generate written documentation in an accurate, concise, legible, and timely manner as required by the position.
  • Considerable knowledge of procedures and techniques used in latent print development, examination, and comparison.
  • Working knowledge of courtroom procedures and legal requirements involving the use of fingerprints as evidence, and knowledge of testifying as an expert witness.
  • Skill in the use of office equipment including computers and various software applications.
  • Skill in taking quality fingerprints, palm prints, and foot prints.
  • Ability to speak and hear clearly.
  • The employee is required to sit for long periods, and to use hands and fingers to handle or feel. The employee is occasionally required to stand, walk, reach with arms and hands, climb stairs or balance, and to stoop, kneel, crouch, or crawl.
  • Requires close vision.
  • Occasionally exposed to hazardous chemicals and/or physical evidence having potential biological, chemical, or radiological hazard or contamination.
  • Arrives on time for work, limits breaks and lunches to the allotted time, and leaves on time. Uses leave in accordance with General Orders; communicates and cooperates with management in providing proper notice of leave; patterns and amounts of leave usage (not including legitimate, properly scheduled and approved leave and protected leave).
  • Volume of work accomplished is consistent with position requirements and produced within quality tolerance standards.
  • Works with other team members to achieve group goals by contributing ideas in group settings, accepting ideas contributed by others, operating within team rules, participating in team meetings, working with team members to improve job knowledge and skills, putting team goals over personal goals, and supporting team leaders once decisions are made.
  • Follows standard office procedures, safety policies and procedures and agency General Orders.
  • Maintains good interpersonal relations (the manner in which the employee responds emotionally and verbally) with the public, other employees, and supervisors. This policy also relates to the image the employee projects and includes cleanliness and personal grooming.
  • Operates and cares for equipment, tools, and vehicles according to prescribed standards and schedules.

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Posted: October 30, 2017

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