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Criminalist - DNA/Casework

South Carolina State Law Enforcement Division, Richland County, South Carolina

Salary: $39,960.00 - $73,935.00 annually

Final Filing Date: October 10, 2017

To conduct serological and DNA analyses on evidence submitted to SLED and provide written reports based on the interpretation of results of analysis. Investigate and participate in the detection and prosecution of crimes to insure the safety and security of the citizens of South Carolina. To serve as a commissioned certified law enforcement officer tasked with the maintenance of public order and the detection of crime.

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  • Under general supervision evaluates case information, identifies biological evidence, and performs all aspects of serological and DNA analysis using defined protocols. Interprets results of these analyses and prepares a formal written report. Demonstrate considerable knowledge of laboratory techniques and interpretation of DNA results.
  • Receives evidence from law enforcement agencies. Maintains complete and proper chain of custody for all evidence taken into employee's custody. Proper documents and preserves evidence for potential further testing. Properly documents all case-related communications with other parties. Maintains a professional level of communication at all times. When necessary, coordinates with other departments to ensure that all requested analysis is appropriately prioritized and evidence is preserved to the extent possible. Effectively interacts with other departmental personnel, agency personnel, and other members of the legal community as part of a team.
  • Provides effective expert testimony in federal, state, and local courts. Presents scientific results of analyses and interprets these results to the court.
  • Participates in pre-trial conferences and hearings; and responds appropriately to requests by the court and other associated parties.
  • Participates in training sessions and seminars as requested for required employee continuing education. Conducts training for other internal or external groups as directed by supervisor. Trains other departmental employees to perform these trainings
  • Performs other departmental duties to include research, validation, quality control, quality assurance, safety and other responsibilities as directed by supervisor. Able to lead and coordinate projects and provide guidance to others to complete these tasks
  • Assumes 24-hour call for DNA/Serology related issues to include possible crime scene response.
  • Maintains certification as a commissioned law enforcement as required by the SC Criminal Justice Academy working over 1600 hours per year.


  • Must have a bachelor's degree in a biological, chemical or forensic science and have a minimum of two (2) years of DNA analysis experience.
  • Must have received credit in genetics, biochemistry, and molecular biology or other subjects that provide a basic understanding of the foundation of forensic Serology/DNA analysis.
  • Must have a comprehensive understanding of the underlying science of DNA analysis.
  • Must have a working knowledge of computers.
  • Must have the ability to meet all requirements of a certified Law Enforcement Officer commissioned by the State of South Carolina.
  • Position requires periodic 24-hour call duty. This may require immediate response to crime scene processing requests throughout the state and may require after hours work and/or overnight travel.
  • Position may also require after hours work and /or overnight travel to complete essential job functions.

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Posted: October 3, 2017

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