Employment Opportunity

Forensic Scientist - Digital & Multimedia Evidence

Virginia State Department of Forensic Science, Richmond, Virginia

Salary: $52,676 - $88,123 per year

Final Filing Date: October 10, 2017

The Virginia Department of Forensic Science is seeking a qualified candidate to perform Digital & Multimedia evidence analyses, with a focus on video and image analysis, at the Central Regional Laboratory, located in Richmond, Virginia.

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The candidate will receive and process forensic evidence, independently perform analyses, use knowledge of methodologies, techniques and instrumentation related to electronic information stored on a variety of video recording, computer and mobile devices, and data storage media; interpret results and prepare reports of findings for use by the Criminal Justice System; prepare court exhibits and testify in court as an expert witness. Forensic Scientists working in this position will encounter data containing sensitive or explicit content. Occasional overnight travel is required and employee will provide own transportation as required.


Minimum Qualifications
  • Baccalaureate degree or higher in computer science, forensic science, natural science, information technology, or closely related field
  • Completion of a documented training program and/or demonstration of competency in video and image analysis
  • Completion of a documented training program and/or demonstration of competency in computer, mobile device, and/or data storage media examination
  • Knowledge of the basic principles of digital & multimedia evidence acquisition and analysis
  • Ability to work independently, set priorities, work efficiently, keep accurate records, effectively communicate (verbally and in writing) in a clear and concise manner, and defend scientific findings in court
  • Ability to accurately perform analysis and interpret data and develop conclusions
  • Experience working in a laboratory, using basic laboratory equipment and scientific instrumentation
Preferred Qualifications
  • Digital forensic certification (e.g. video, computer, mobile) by an international association
  • Experience working in an accredited forensic science laboratory and/or familiarity with ANAB / ASCLD/LAB-International accreditation criteria
  • Ability to explain technical concepts in a manner that is simple, concise and accessible to all levels of technical understanding
  • Experience providing expert witness testimony in courts of law and knowledge of criminal court procedures and rules of evidence
  • Experience in the repair, reconstruction, decoding, identification, capture, and clarification of video recordings and still images, and audio recordings
  • Experience comparing known objects or persons to questioned objects or persons
  • Experience examining data storage media including hard disk drives (HDD), solid-state drives (SSD), RAID arrays, optical discs, and flash memory
  • Experience examining current D/NVR, computer, and/or mobile device operating and file systems
  • Experience implementing or mitigating information security measures (i.e. encryption and password-protection)
  • Experience in distinguishing between user-generated and system-generated data
  • Experience searching raw binary data for known or unknown data structures and file content
  • Knowledge of multimedia (i.e. pictures, and audio and video recordings) data structures and attributes
  • Knowledge of file formats, encoding standards, and compression algorithms used in digital video
  • Experience parsing encoded timestamps, SQLite databases, application and system logs, and Registry hives and Property List (plist) files
  • Experience with the use of DVR Examiner, Amped/Axon Five, ffmpeg, VideoFOCUS Pro, Ocean Systems’ dTective, Avid Media Composer, Adobe Photoshop, X-Ways Forensics, Cellebrite UFED Ultimate and Physical Analyzer, NetAnalysis and HstEx, Nuix, and Microsoft Excel
Special Requirements
  • Commonwealth of Virginia state employees must serve a new probationary period.
  • Selected candidates must provide a DNA sample via a buccal swab (saliva sample), be fingerprinted, drug tested and pass a security background check

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Posted: September 20, 2017

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