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Crime Scene Investigator

Clermont Police Department, Clermont, Florida

Salary: $14.50 Hourly

Final Filing Date: October 6, 2017

Performs technical work in identifying, collecting, preserving, processing/documenting physical and related evidence from crime scenes. Work involves responsibility for crime scene documentation, latent fingerprint development and other evidence work. Work may be performed on an assigned shift and is part of the investigation and prosecution work of the police department. Specific assignments are received from a superior; however, employees of this class work independently in daily activities. Work procedures are standardized in accordance with police practices and supervision is received from an administrative superior.

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  • Responds to crime scenes to detect, gather, and preserve evident when necessary.
  • Safely operates police department vans and trucks as required by the police department.
  • Handles and carries a variety of equipment weighing up to 50 pounds to crime scenes.
  • Processes evidence in order to develop latent fingerprint with various techniques and chemical applications.
  • Gathers evidence by performing a wide range of physical activity to include, but not limited to, squatting, bending, crawling, climbing, and lifting to develop latent fingerprints from a variety of surfaces using various chemicals.
  • Sketches, photographs, and makes video documentation of crime scenes, evidence collection processing and laboratory submissions, and crime scene reconstruction.
  • Prepares written reports of observations, findings, and results pertaining to the documentation of crime scenes.
  • Attends and testifies at depositions, trials, or other court functions as required.
  • Documents crime scenes by means of photography, videotaping, note taking, sketching, evidence collection, latent fingerprint development; through the use of powders and/or chemicals, and other work involving the collection, documentation and preservation of evidence.
  • Processes crime scenes, located indoors or out, confined within a house, an apartment, a building or other structure such as a vehicle, vessel, or container.
  • Uses special equipment, such as Self Contained Breathing Apparatus, protective gowns, gloves, masks, eyewear, headgear, and footwear while investigating crime scenes.
  • Collects evidence that may involve the presence of toxic substances, blood or body fluids.
  • Adheres to strict precautionary guidelines in order to preserve evidence, as well as the safety and health of the handler and others who may come in contact.
  • Prepares various concise and technical reports to aid investigators and prosecutors.
  • Processes evidence for latent fingerprints and maintains fingerprint files from crime scene investigations.
  • Operates mobile crime lab, investigates crime scene for all viable evidence; develops prints with powders and chemicals; makes enlargements and prepares fingerprints for presentation in court; searches for, preserves and identifies other evidence discovered.
  • Provides audio-visual needs, including recording and editing of crime scene documentation and preparation of training films.
  • Responsible for the evidence room, in the capacity of Evidence Custodian when directed.
  • Maintains all logs of evidence and storage locations.
  • Enters all evidence into designated locations based on the nature of said evidence within the existing data base.
  • Will be responsible for the preparation and dissemination of all evidence to officers and the State Attorney's Office as required for court purposes.
  • Responsible for the destruction of or returning of evidence to the appropriate person once deemed no longer necessary by the State Attorney's Office.
  • Responsible for determining the owner of "Found Property" and returning it or disposing of it based on statutory guidelines.
  • May be required to work nights, rotating shifts, holiday's, and placed into an on call status when requried.


Education and Experience: An equivalent combination of education and experience may be considered, provided that the education and experience is in a relevant and related field.
  • Associates Degree in Criminal Justice, Forensic Science, Physical or Natural Science or a closely related field.
  • One (1) year experience working in crime scene investigation and/or fingerprint identification with a recognized police agency.
Licenses, Certifications, and/or Registrations:
  • Valid Florida Driver's License. Applicants not in possession of a Florida Driver's License must obtain one prior to the date of employment.

Essential Physical Functions & Environmental Conditions

Essential Physical Functions - The City of Clermont is an Equal Opportunity Employer. The Americans with Disabilities Act requires the City to provide reasonable accommodations to qualified individuals with disabilities. Prospective and current employees are encouraged to discuss potential accommodations with management.
  • Endure sustained acts of physical exhaustion and endure periods of duty under unfavorable situations.
  • Light to moderate lifting (up to 25 pounds).
  • Walking, standing, running, climbing, jumping, bending/stooping.
  • Acceptable eyesight (with or without correction).
  • Acceptable hearing (with or without correction) and the ability to effectively communicate both orally and in writing.
Environmental Conditions
  • Works inside in a controlled environment with no unusual hazards.
  • Works outdoors in all weather conditions (heat/cold) for extended periods of time.
  • Exposed to various elements including loud noise, fumes, gases, smoke or flames, odors, slippery and uneven surfaces, bright/dim lights, dust/pollen, and moving vehicles/machinery.
  • Performs around and in moving objects or vehicles and is subject to hazardous and stressful conditions.

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Posted: September 28, 2017

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