Employment Opportunity

Latent Print Examiner

Pasco County Sheriff’s Office, Land o Lakes, Florida

Salary: $20.57 per hour

Final Filing Date: Open until filled

Under the direction of the Assistant Chief of Forensics, performs independent routine technical examinations in the evaluation, comparison and identification of fragmentary friction skin impressions utilizing well defined methods; encodes, searches and registers ten print and latent images into biometric databases; updates case management and other information management systems as required. Safeguards evidence and maintains chain-of-custody through the use of physical protocols and applicable documentation. Ensures safety precautions and applicable regulations are followed. Duties include assisting in the training of law enforcement officials in the techniques of evaluating, comparing and identifying prints. Prepares and furnishes authoritative oral and written supplemental reports to facilitate investigative, intelligence, prosecution and other functions that support mission requirements. The reports will require the ability to clearly convey the opinions and findings as determined through detailed examinations and analysis. Coordinates routine to moderately complex matters related to scope of analyses with other laboratory units, outside agencies and related entities; testify in court with regard to the findings and what has been supplemented and assists other agencies with any fingerprint related requests.

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80% DUTY AREAS Latent Print Examination: Illustrative Tasks:
  • Utilizing knowledge of procedures and techniques used in ten print and latent print analysis/comparison/evaluation.
  • Knowledge of courtroom procedures and legal requirements involving the use of fingerprints as evidence and as testifying as a witness who may be deemed as an expert.
  • Ability to learn the intricate detail of minutiae plotting on the ten print and latent entry into the AFIS system(s).
  • Prepare preliminary and final supplemental reports concerning the results of the evaluations, AFIS entries and examinations.
  • Maintains records with computer entries and written reports. Assists in the training of agency members.
  • Participates in Sheriff’s Office recruitment and community relation activities as directed.
  • Performs related work as required or directed.


  • High School Diploma or GED, plus an AA or AS degree or higher in crime scene technology, forensic science, or other physical or natural science, or equivalent number of credit hours from an accredited post secondary institution.
  • Experience may be substituted for education at the rate of two years experience per year education.
  • Knowledge of fingerprint analysis/comparison/evaluation, photography, fingerprint development, evidence handling and report writing is preferred.
  • International Association for Identification Latent Print Examiner Certification, preferred.
  • If not certified, certification must be completed when eligible.
  • Computer skills preferred.
  • This position must have a Valid Florida Driver License at all times.
Knowledge of:
  • Methods used in preserving and collecting physical evidence and the use of such evidence in establishing guilt or innocence.
  • Competency in fingerprinting and modern latent print processing techniques and procedures.
  • Competency in modern criminal investigation methods and criminal identification techniques.
  • Geographic locations.
  • Office policy and procedures.
  • Florida Statutes/County Codes.
  • Human Diversity awareness.
Skilled in:
  • Relating well to the public.
  • Maintain a professional bearing and attitude at all times while on duty with Supervisors, subordinates, members/peers and public.
  • Give qualifying testimony in the field of latent prints.
Ability to:
  • Clearly speak, understands, read and legibly write English.
  • Communicate effectively with staff members and general public.
  • Posses short/long term memory.
  • Operate a computer, peripheral equipment and assigned software.
  • Prepare documents, forms, reports and statistical data.
  • Operate motor vehicles in a safe and efficient manner, day or night in compliance with all state laws and regulations regarding operation and licensure.
  • Perform routine mathematical computations.
  • Use independent judgment and make technical and professional decisions on a daily basis.
  • Plan, organize and bring assignments to completion.
  • 20/20 vision (corrected/uncorrected),
  • Ability to hear conversation at a normal level (assisted or unassisted),
  • Ability to stand, kneel, twist, kneel, crouching, and stoop for extended periods of time,
  • Ability to walk,
  • Ability to work extended periods of time while wearing special equipment,
  • Ability to work shifts and be on-call,
  • Ability to work in hazardous conditions

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Posted: August 23, 2017

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